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Welcome to BestEcigKits.

We have personally tested and reviewed the best electronic cigarette brands in UK. All our reviews are complete and have all the needed information you need to make an informed e-cigs purchase.

Below you can find our top 6 brands, ranked by our personal preference.

The Best UK Electronic Cigs Starter Kits



UK E-Cigarettes


Cigs Cartridge Cost

UK E-Cigs Raiting



Jacvapour e-cigarettes startr kits Jacvapour electronic cigarettes starter kit price Jacvapour cartridge equal to about 20 cigarettes cost £1.35 Cigees rank 5 five stars raiting


Cigees electronic cigarettes UK Cigees e-cigarettes starter kit price Cigees cartridge equal to about 20 cigarettes cost £1.40 Cigees rank 5 five stars raiting


truesmoke cigs truesmoke cigs price Truesmoke clearomizer equal to 3 ml cost £4.95-9.95 Electronic cigs rank


Apollo electronic cigarettes Apollo cig price Apollo cartridge equal to about 40 cigarettes cost £12.50 Electronic cigs rank


halocigs halocigs price Halocigs cartridge equal to about 25-30 cigarettes cost $5.99 Electronic cigs rank


vapour2 cigs vapour2 cigarette Vapour2 cartridge equal to about 25 cigarettes cost 1.79 Electronic cigs rank

UK Dominator – Jacvapour Series E

jacvapour cigs series e

Jacvapour write about Series E Starter Kits,” The NEW SERIES-E is JAC Vapour’s high quality, high capacity battery. SERIES-E offers superior performance and reliability with a durable solid Stainless Steel build, advanced features and a beautiful compact design. A great step up from 2nd generation batteries currently available on the market.

Designed by JAC Vapour, the SERIES-E is recommended for vapers looking for a kit that provides a quality build, power and reliability at a portable size.”

Ok, let`s look closer Series E Aero Tank Starter Kit.

Jacvapour Electronic Cigarettes

Jacvapour electronic cig starter kit

Realy good quality product !

Jacvapour Flavour with 24mg nicotine content is one of strongest Electronic Cig in UK.

In a few words about Jacvapour. One of the biggest surprises for me, Jacvapour E-Cig tobacco flavour with 24mg nicotine content (very high), and they usually cost only £6.49 for a pack of 5. My money savings with Jacvapour E-Cigs is up to 75%.

Batteries is one of the most important component in Electronic cig, Jacvapour batteries are available with capacity ranging from 150mAh to 1300mAh. I was able to take around 240 inhales without recharging. Now Jacvapour offer SERIES-E: high capacity, larger form battery. Designed and manufactured exclusively by JAC Vapour! Full Jacvapour review here!



E Puffer

starter kits

E Puffer offer different types of devices, including pipes, cigars and also cigarettes. They also provide spare parts in all of their devices and also starters’ kits. E-Puffer also provides disposable cigarette for smokers who prefer it. E-juice for e-puffers is manufactured at California in USA



Truesmoke Electronic Cigarettes

Truesmoke e cigs

In a few words about Truesmoke E-Cig. Large various of starter kits, True Smoke provides plenty of options when it comes to e-cig starter kits. Vapers can choose from among seven starter kits, read full review.

Rich assortment of flavours. TrueSmoke scores full marks in the ecig flavor category as well. You can choose from among dozens of e-cig flavors.

I need to say the Truesmoke battery is great! TrueSmoke batteries are long lasting with excellent build and quality. The batteries come with value added features that allow you total control over your vaping experience. Visit site here!

 Apollo Electronic Cigarettes

apollo cigs

Buy the style!

With nice design and great price/quality option good choice to start smokeless tobacco right now!

Apollo e-cig brand offers a wide selection of e-cig accessories and items at extremely competitive prices. They offer 100% guaranteed satisfaction and will refund you the money back in case the product does not live up to the expectation, which is very unlikely.

Once you have tried this top e cig UK brand, you will become hooked to the e-cigarette due to its exceptional quality vapes that is sure to take your vaping pleasure to cloud nine. Read more…



Halocigs Electronic cigarettes

halocigs starter kits

Buy a truly American made product!!!

Halo offers high quality e-liquid that tastes like real tobacco cig!

Halo electronic cigs are truly gorgeous in design and the tobacco flavor is of the highest quality. Halo electronic cigs are made in the United States of America, which means you can buy a truly American made product. Halo offers high quality e-liquid that tastes great and the best thing is that Halo electronic cigs are cheaper than most electronic cigs on the market. Halo cigs review.

The main benefits what I get somking Electronic cigaretes:

  • Money savings up to 80%
  • I can Smoke “almost” Anywhere
  • I can use in many places that don’t allow tobacco and cigarette use
  • Do not contain thousands of harmful substances which contain tobacco cigs
  • Offensive Smoke
  • Ash
  • And so on…….

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THIS SITE IS INTENDED FOR AUDIENCES OF LEGAL AGE ONLY 18+!, the web site is intended for responsible adults of smoking age who wish to try new products, get information about electronic cigarettes.
We is not advocating the use of electronic cigarettes and hope that if you try the products provided on this site, you do so with moderation and caution. It is not the intent to promote missuse of nicotine, smoking, or any other form of product.
We cannot take any responsibility for the effect these devices may have on people, as few of the products have been tested thus far. Monitor our new articles provided for more info about the current health factors of electronic cigarettes. Some or even all electronic cigarettes may be bad for your health, but that is still in the unknown due to the new technology not being around for very long.
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